Mold & Water Cleanup Service in Greenwood, IN

Mold cleanup is incredibly important for the health of the home

Know Your Molds

There is a popular misconception that mold is always black. The reality though, is that people usually just don’t notice mold unless it’s black. In fact, mold can come in many colors. It can be black, white, green, grey or brown. Mold doesn’t just grow indoors either. It can persist quite well in your outdoor areas as well. As long as conditions are mostly dark, moist, and warm, mold can thrive. While it is not something that is pleasant to think of it is important for you as a homeowner, business owner property manager or prospective homeowner to know the many forms that mold can take. But no matter what form it takes or where on your property it takes it, all mold has the potential to be dangerous. If you live in or near Greenwood, IN and you suspect you may have mold in your house, call on us for mold & water cleanup service. We are The Cleaning Source and we are happy to provide water restoration, water cleanup, carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, and many other cleaning services in Greenwood, IN and the surrounding areas. Please give us a call at (317) 853-9363 today!

Our Mold Cleanup Service Is The Best In The Region

While you may not be a mold expert yourself, we are. We have seen firsthand the damage that mold can do to a home which is why we urge you to call on us as soon as you think you may have mold. Believe us, a little precaution and pro-activity could save you thousands of dollars in mold remediation and home repair costs. Give us a call at (317) 853-9363 for mold & water cleanup service in Greenwood, IN!

Mold Cleanup You Can Rely On

Your home is in good hands when you hire us. Not only will we rid your property of mold, but we are known for being respectful of our customer’s property and very courteous. You get it all when you work with us so give us a call at (317) 853-9363 today for your water and mold cleanup in Greenwood, IN!

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  • Residential Carpet Cleaning Over time, your homes carpets need some love. Using up to date carpet cleaning technology, we can make sure that your carpets are clean and conditioned.
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