Mold & Water Cleanup Service in Indianapolis, IN

Mold and water cleanup service is important for the health of the household.

Tackling Serious Problems

Here at The Cleaning Source, we offer mold and water cleanup service in Indianapolis, IN because mold growth and pooling water are serious problems. They can completely destroy a home quicker than you think and cause major health complications. Mold cleanup and water restoration are also essential services when disaster strikes. That is why we also offer fair prices for these services. We want to make sure you can get the help you need because our customers mean a lot to us. They are our friends and neighbors and we believe in treating them right. When you are in need of mold & water cleanup service in Indianapolis, IN, get in touch with us at (317) 853-9363.

Expert Techniques for Mold and Water Cleanup Service

Our service begins with a careful assessment of your home or commercial business. We take a look at things like carpeting and flooring, the source of the flooding and typical spots where mold is likely to form. Then we provide you with an estimate for the work. We will describe to you everything that the job will entail so you know what is going on with your property and what you will be paying for. We will also give you a time frame for completion. Once the estimate has been agreed upon, we get right to work getting rid of excess water, drying the area, dehumidifying the air and getting rid of mold growth. In the end, you will pay exactly what we estimated at the beginning of the job. We know the job is complete when we see a smile on our customer’s face and they breathe a sigh of relief. If this is the kind of service you have been looking for call us at (317) 853-9363.

Our Remarkable Cleaning Services

We also offer a number of other cleanup services like upholstery cleaning and pet odor removal. Our number is (317) 853-9363 so please call us soon for your mold and water cleanup service in Indianapolis, IN.

  • Carpet and Floor Drying Service Have your floors been damaged by water intrustion? Trust our experts at The Cleaning Source to give a reliable solution.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning We understand how important it is for your commercial carpets to be clean. We provide timely, expert solutions for our commercial customers.
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning Over time, your homes carpets need some love. Using up to date carpet cleaning technology, we can make sure that your carpets are clean and conditioned.
  • Standing Water Removal Do you have standing water? If so, please call us immediately. The Cleaning Source can provide a timely response.
  • Standing Water Cleanup In order to alleviate the realm of damage caused by water, we can provide the tools to make your water worries a distant memory.
  • Water Restoration Nothing damages a home more than water. Our staff can provide the remedy for your water-logged carpets.