Mold & Water Cleanup Service in Lawrence, IN

Mold and water cleanup service can improve your household.

Trust Our Professionals To Get Rid Of Mold

Mold is always a possibility when your interior spaces have been inundated with water. Even without a plumbing disaster, mold can lurk in the dark damp areas of your home. That’s why you should always have the number of good mold cleanup and water restoration company in your phone. We are mold & water cleanup specialists here at The Cleaning Source and we offer all of our cleaning services right here in Lawrence, IN. When you work with us, you get complete service too. Yes, we can get rid of excess water and mold in your house. But we can also sanitize your home after the fact and remove odors that tend to linger after mold has been eliminated. In fact, we offer a number of professional-grade cleaning and mold and water cleanup service in Lawrence, IN. Is your flooring a mess after a particularly rowdy party? Call on us to handle the mess. Have your pets ruined the carpeting in your home? We can make your carpet look like new. Does the tile in your commercial building get a lot of foot traffic? Hire us to restore it for you. We offer the cleaning services you need and then some. Please give us a call at (317) 853-9363.

Do Your Hardwood Floors Need Cleaning?

We go the extra mile for you no matter what your cleaning needs are. We regularly work with real estate agents and private owners to clean the flooring of their property before putting it up for sale. No matter how large your property is, we can get the job done. We clean carpets, tile, grout, hardwood flooring, and more. We cover all the bases so give us a call at (317) 853-9363!

We are Here for Your Mold and Water Cleanup Service

No matter what you hire us for, you can count on stellar customer service. Let us show you what your property can look like. Call (317) 853-9363 today for your mold and water cleanup service in Lawrence, IN!

  • Carpet and Floor Drying Service Have your floors been damaged by water intrustion? Trust our experts at The Cleaning Source to give a reliable solution.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning We understand how important it is for your commercial carpets to be clean. We provide timely, expert solutions for our commercial customers.
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning Over time, your homes carpets need some love. Using up to date carpet cleaning technology, we can make sure that your carpets are clean and conditioned.
  • Standing Water Removal Do you have standing water? If so, please call us immediately. The Cleaning Source can provide a timely response.
  • Standing Water Cleanup In order to alleviate the realm of damage caused by water, we can provide the tools to make your water worries a distant memory.
  • Water Restoration Nothing damages a home more than water. Our staff can provide the remedy for your water-logged carpets.