Home Structural Drying

A flooded home in need of home structural drying.

Structural Drying for the Modern Age

If you hire an inferior home structural drying company, you are probably getting antiquated service. Many companies will simply put up a few industrial-strength fans and tell you that you will need to rip out your carpeting and replace it. While that may have been the best way to deal with water damage in the past, advancements have been made in structural drying. Here at The Cleaning Source, we invest in the latest technology and train our technicians in the latest structural drying methods to present a better solution to our customers. We do this because we are committed to your total satisfaction. We have been dedicated to superior customer service since day one here at The Cleaning Source and we continue that legacy with our home structural drying in Indianapolis, IN. Please give us a call at (317) 853-9363 today.

We Do Home Structural Drying the Right Way

Our home structural drying service can save you a lot of time, hassle and money. Instead of having to replace flooring, finishing materials and even furniture, our advanced drying techniques will negate irreparable damage. An active method of drying your home after flooding is always better than a passive one. You may be told by other companies that you should just wait it out and let certain items like carpet dry on their own. We don’t think this is wise advice, we take an active approach to structural drying in Indianapolis, IN.

A Step-by-Step Process

The first step we take is to remove all excess water from the surfaces of your home. After that, we set up multiple air movers to evaporate the remaining moisture. Most people don’t realize that flooded water from a broken pipe or overflowing toilet can also humidify the air. Humid air left to hang in your home can actually damage ceilings, drywall, and various items. That is why we take steps to dehumidify the air to prevent any kind of secondary damage. Finally, we maintain an ideal temperature for eliminating moisture and humidity in the home.

Meticulous Precision

It is meticulous work but we know it is the best way to approach home structural drying. Our customers agree too. They love that our home structural drying service yields fast and thorough results. That is why they regularly refer us to their closest friends and family. We want you to experience our level of service. If you ever find yourself in need of home structural drying in Indianapolis, IN, call us at (317) 853-9363!